Aogán and Karen Dunne - New Owners


Aogán and Karen Dunne took over the hotel at the end of April 2017 and have since been very busy not only with the daily operations of the hotel but also with actioning their overall plan for the hotel going forward.  With over twenty years’ experience in the Hospitality Industry, this local couple are no strangers to the hotel business.  The couple are looking forward with pride and excitement at the prospect of developing the Glenside into a boutique style hotel that will be a major player in the wedding and leisure market in East Meath, Drogheda and North County Dublin.  Karen and Aogan are well known in the locality having opened their first business at theSpire Restaurant in Duleek in August 2013.  Since it’s opening theSpire has become increasingly popular in the area as a restaurant and a venue for special occasions.  They also own and manage a café, The Franklyn Café in Dunleer, Co. Louth.  


The new owners of the Glenside have kept all existing staff members and are honouring all bookings and vouchers.  “From the first time we heard the Glenside was up for grabs we were excited about the opportunity.  It is in a fantastic location just minutes outside the town of Drogheda and in the heart of the Boyne Valley Region” said Aogan.  The Glenside name has been around for a long time and has always been the place to go for special occasions and gatherings.  Karen, herself even celebrated her own Confirmation here amongst many other family occasions!  Having visited the hotel in the early days of the purchase Karen and Aogan got a real sense of a warm welcome and can do attitude from the staff.  This is a priceless quality in hospitality and an essential ingredient in delivery of an exceptional service in our industry.  They would like to thank the management and staff for the warm welcome they received and their patience with the changeover of ownership.  The couple are confident that they can develop the Glenside name even further and with investment and their hospitality experience they believe the Glenside will become a flagship property in the local hotel industry.


The couple will invest heavily in the Glenside over the next 10 years and have already begun refurbishments on the bedrooms.  They are in the process of implementing a brand new boutique look to the bedrooms and have added a unique Sales Suite which will be used exclusively for meeting with potential wedding couples.  


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